inCASA Italian exploitation event

The Italian national Exploitation Event was organized in the framework of the eHealth conference that was held on the 28th of May 2013 in Rome. REPLY, INVENT and ATC sponsored the event all day, by placing an inCASA stand. The Conference was sponsored mainly by:
  • The Ministry of Health
  • The Ministry of Economic Development
  • SIRM: an Italian association on Medical Radiology
  • AICC: an Italian association on Clinical Engineering
    Moreover, a specific inCASA workshop was organized within the event demonstrating the inCASA approach, the technical solution, the services and evidence of the inCASA results, presented by involved inCASA Pilot professionals.
    The full agenda of the inCASA session in the eHealth Forum is available online

  • inCASA participation at the ASCO Annual Meeting

    INSERM, along with TID and REPLY, submitted an abstract paper for the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). The paper was accepted and inCASA project was presented at a very important event in the healthcare domain on 2nd of June 2012 at Chicago. The inCASA poster can be found here.
    The submitted work is focused on the French pilot study and is entitled 'The European inCASA telecare-telehealth electronic platform for the daily assessment of symptoms, weight and activity in cancer patients on chronotherapy at home.'
    Additional information regarding the INSERM pilot site activities can be viewed at

    Hot Spot ATC

    First pilot in planning

    The first inCASA pilot is being planned with the partner Agenzia Territoriale per la casa della Provincia di Torino. ATC Torino is the public body with responsibility for social and public housing in the area of Torino and its surroundings. The Pilot will focus on user behaviour, providing an useful profile to search and determine behaviour that could lead to health problems.



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    inCASA is affilliated with these programs and organisations:

    The inCASA project supports the Commissions activities in ICT for Health: eHealth.

    The inCASA platform allows for the creation of inclusive applications with accessibility for all. The project supports the Commissions campaign: eInclusion - be part of it!

    The inCASA project supports the Ageing Well Thematic Network which aims at creating a Community of Actors interested in improving the life of Elderly People by promoting the market uptake of ICT solutions for Ageing Well!




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    Dissemination events

    Below is a list of future and past events with participation of project partners and related to the the inCASA project:

    2013 events:

    26-27 September, 2013, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

    Clustering Event Ambient Intelligence Advanced Technologies in Support of Healthcare and Assisted Living
    Event's web page

    CHC and Brunel University presented the evaluation results of the inCASA project under the "Social Care" session of the clustering event organized by the REACTION EU project. The aim of the clustering event was to bring together European AAL projects for demonstrations, presentations of innovative solutions, and discussions of potential synergies and cooperation.

    20 June 2013, La Rioja, Spain

    Spanish national event
    Twitter account

    The Spanish national exploitation event which took place at FHC in Calahorra (La Rioja) on 20th of June, 2013, was organised by Pelayo Benito, Coordinator of the pilot at Fundación Hospital de Calahorra (FHC). Health care authorities, diverse health professionals (Doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc.), social workers and external SMEs providing services in the health sector participated in the event, which can be considered a great success not only for the number of people taking part but also for the quality of the information exposed.

    13-14 June 2013, Oulu, Finland

    German national event – “German–Finnish Health Care and E-Health Forum”.
    The German national exploitation event was co-organized by the state organisation Baden-Württemberg International in its series of international events. In this case, the event took place in the German–Finnish Health Care and E-Health Forum June 13th and 14th in Oulu (Finland). A large delegation from the Finnish side participated, so that around 150 participants were at the forum.
    Generally, the feedback from the participants of the presentation of Prof. Sikora from SIG was very positive and many stakeholders showed good interest in the inCASA project, its experiences and outcomes. It was interesting to see that Finnish participants were even more concerned about the telehealth, as their major concern is the even faster demographic change of Finland in comparison with most other European countries

    28 May 2013, Rome, Italy

    Italian National Event – “e-Health Forum”
    Web: inCASA session in the eHealth forum

    The Italian national exploitation event was co-organized by Santer Reply, Invent and ATC Torino during the e-Health Forum in Rome at the ATA Hotel Villa Pamphili premises on the 28th of May, 2013 in Rome. The event has more than 1,000 members, 560 participants including 28 speakers. Numbers of great importance than those recorded by the 5th edition of the eHealth Conference, which was held at the ATA Hotel Villa Pamphili in Rome on Tuesday 28th May. In a stand staged for inCASA all day, REPLY, INVENT and ATC had met different stakeholders, interested to the inCASA solution within a specific stand dedicated to the demo of the solution

    16-18 April 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Swedish National Event – “The Vitalis Conference”
    Web: Vitalis Conference

    The Swedish event took place at the Vitalis exhibition and conference at The Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden 16th-18th April. As the Vitalis has the focus on eHealth issues, CNet participated with an inCASA exhibition as foundation for visitors to inspire and get inspired.
    Vitalis is a place to meet colleagues and partners from Sweden and the Nordic region where the health care sector is currently faced by great challenges and there's a need to invest in competence, know-how and new tools such as the inCASA platform.
    Vitalis is by far the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia and it broke the record on the number of visitors from previous years. The number of people visiting the conference went up with 32% to a total of 4027 unique visitors!

    29 March 2013 - Birmingham, UK

    UK inCASA Event: “Co-ordinated Care: Meeting the Needs of Patients, Driving Better Integration”
    Web: Co-ordinated care

    CHC and Brunel University organized an inCASA Master class, under the subject: “Delivering integrated Care for the frail elderly using interoperable technology platforms and collaborative health and social care services”. The event was attended by over 150 delegates. The event was undertaken within a Public Service Event - “Co-ordinated Care: Meeting the Needs of Patients, Driving Better Integration” - which was held on the 29th of March 2013, in Birmingham.
    The event was chosen as a place to present the inCASA project as it was specifically focused on showcasing real life examples, initiatives and best practice case studies in order for delegates to explore how to turn the integration rhetoric into a reality.

    26 March 2013 - Lyon, France

    French inCASA Event: “Systems Medicine for improving patient care”

    INSERM participated in the first French event by leading a round table in the framework of the European project CASyM organised in Lyon Biovision on March 26th. The round table title was “Systems Medicine for improving patient care”. The state of the art of the inCASA project and the activities of the French Pilot were presented.
    The participants found the project quite innovative and posed many questions about patient education, patient perception and satisfaction and economic aspects. The second part of the round table allowed defining priority issues and actions to be implemented for improving patient care in a short, mid or long term and with a low, middle or high impact.

    08 March 2013 - Zaragoza, Spain

    Annual meeting of the Spanish Internal Medicine Society
    Jesús Castiella, FHC Medical Coordinator, has been in charge of the dissemination of the inCASA project in the COPD group of the annual meeting of the Spanish Internal Medicine Society, held on March, 7th and 8th, 2013 at Zaragoza (Spain)

    08 February 2013 - KGHNI hospital, Athens, Greece

    Greek inCASA Event – “e-Health Services: The inCASA project”
    Web: Konstantopouleio General Hospital of Nea Ionia (KGHNI)

    The Greek national exploitation event, a Stand-alone event entitled “e-Health Services: The inCASA project” was co-organized by NTUA and KGHNI at the KGHNI premises on the 8th of February, 2013 under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Health and the 1st Regional Health Authority of Attiki.
    Participators included Municipal (local) authorities, Health Care Authorities, SMEs providing services in the Health sector, Professors, Doctors, ICT researchers, Social workers, Psychologists. Moreover, a significant number of local elderly people attended the event.
    A total number of 163 persons were registered to the event which finally had a great impact on the audience, on the hospital, on the local society and on the involved authorities.

    2012 events:

    06-07 December 2012 - EESC, Rue Van Maerlant 2, Brussels, Belgium

    EHTEL 2012 Symposium - Fact not Fiction: The future of eHealth is already here
    Web: EHTEL 2012 Symposium
    EHTEL 2012 Symposium participation by CHC towards the dissemination of the inCASA project

    29 November 2012 - Green College, Oxford, UK

    eHealth Services: The inCASA program
    Organization of a seminar for the inCASA pilot presentation, focusing on:
  • Developing integrated health and social services
  • Adopting standards driven technology
  • Telemedicine Programme
    Key invited stakeholders:
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • Hospital Trusts
  • Social Services
  • General Practitioners
  • SMEs

    30 October 2012 - Bologna, Italy,

    Smart City Exhibition
    Presentation of the inCASA Project at the Smart City Exhibition by the coordinator Massimo Caprino

    01 October 2012 - Desio Hospital, Italy,

    TeleMediCare 2012 conference
    A paper describing the inCASA project in terms of objectives, architecture (functional, physical and software), interoperability between its main blocks and results achieved has been submitted and presented in the TeleMediCare 2012 conference. The conference, was organized by PTUD (Desio University Technological Center) and IITM (International Institute of TeleMedicine)

    14-16 June 2012, Bornholm, Denmark

    The People Meeting (Folkemødet)
    Web: Folkemødet
    Folkemødet on the island of Bornholm in Denmark is a meeting for citizens and politicians. The meeting focused on the many challenges and opportunities for the future of the Danish welfare society.
    IN-JET gave a presentation at Folkemødet on assisted living technologies and referred to the inCASA as an example of telehealth and telecare services and solutions for the elderly.

    07 June 2012 - Rome, Italy

    Italian ICT & Active Ageing event
    INVENT and REPLY presented the inCASA project to the Italian event “ICT&Active Ageing: progetti e nuove tecnologie per il sostegno dell’invecchiamento attivo”, held in Rome on 7th of June 2012

    02 June 2012 - Chicago, U.S.A

    American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting
    Web: ASCO 2012
    inCASA Poster presentation by INSERM at the annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical Oncology.

    25 April 2012, Fur, Denmark

    Welfare Technology Day
    Web: Welfare Technology Day 2012
    The Welfare Technology Day on Fur focused on welfare technologies, particularly assisted living and healthcare technologies aimed at the elderly and nursing homes.
    IN-JET represented the inCASA project and created awareness about the project. It was at this meeting that IN-JET established contact with Skive Municipality who had great interest in the project. Skive Municipality agreed to test the transferability capabilities of the inCASA solution during the first half of 2013.

    06 March 2012 - London, UK

    International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare 2012
    Web: International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare 2012
    NTUA presented inCASA perspective in the "International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare 2012" held in London through a poster presentation, entitled "The inCASA project: improving the quality of life and social care for the ageing population". The Congress had a wide audience and is considered among the most appreciated Telehealth/Telecare events in Europe.

    02 February 2012 - Villejuif, Paris, France

    Presentation to PICADO consortium
    INSERM presented the project to the PICADO consortium, within the framework of “Domomedicine”.

    02 February 2012 - Villejuif, Paris, France

    Presentation to Paul Brousse hospital
    INSERM presented the inCASA project and its innovative characteristics in local audience in France. INSERM presented the project at a dissemination conference held at the Medical Oncology Department, Paul Brousse hospital, Villejuif, within the framework of “Domomedicine”.

    2011 events:

    13 December 2011 - Vienna, Austria

    Presentation to Austrian Academy of Sciences – Institute for Technology Assessment (OAW), within Value Ageing project
    Web: Value Ageing project
    Andrea Guarise, a senior consultant from INVENT, has been intern at the OAW, as a seconded within the project Value Ageing, a Marie Curie Industry‐Academia Partnerships and Pathways Action funded within the scope of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission ( He presented inCASA project, objectives and achievements to OAW audience, including researchers, professors and some students with interest in e-health domain. The presentation has aroused much curiosity and interest to that audience.

    27 October 2011- Milan, Italy

    Presentation to the Innovabilita event
    Web: Innovabilita
    REPLY presented the inCASA project on an Italian Event called "Innovabilità" . This is a cycle of seminaries on various topics related to elderly and disabilities organized by a Local Public Authority: The Province of Milano.

    7 October 2011 - Cagliary, Italy

    Presentation to GP meeting
    REPLY presented the inCASA project at a General Practitioner‘s meeting

    6-7 October 2011 Paris, France

    Presentation to Domomedicine seminar
    INSERM presented inCASA project to the Domomedicine seminar which Francis Levi organized on behalf of the Academy of Technologies of France

    05-07 October 2011- Kos Island, Greece

    2nd International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare - MobiHealth 2011
    Web: MobiHealth 2011
    CNET presented the paper: Using SOA for a Combined Telecare and Telehealth Platform for Monitoring of Elderly People, co-written by NTUA and CNET, which was published in the proceedings of the MobiHealth 2011 conference and which promotes the advantages of the inCASA technical architecture from a Service Oriented point of view

    03-04 October 2011- Tours, France

    Presentation to conference of the Multi-organism Thematic Institute for Health Technologies
    INSERM presented the inCASA project to the yearly conference of the Multi-organism Thematic Institute for Health Technologies, the main public organization in this area, which gathers all the national research institutions (INSERM, CNRS, INRIA, etc.)

    26-28 September 2011 - Lecce, Italy

    Poster presentation to AAL forum 2011
    Web: AAL forum 2011
    NTUA and TID represented the inCASA project in the AAL forum 2011, an event that attracted many healthcare specialists. The inCASA poster, produced by NTUA, was visited by relevantly many people and the inCASA representatives handed out all the fliers that they had with them (~100)

    15-17 September 2011 - Prague, Czech Republic

    Presentation to the 6th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications
    Web: IDAACS Conference 2011
    SIG presented the paper entitled “Wireless Network and Gateway Architectures for Home Care Applications” which was accepted for publication in the IDAACS Conference. The paper describes the Telecare Gateway and Hub Architecture of the inCASA solution

    07 September 2011 - Madrid, Spain

    Kick-off-Meeting- Movinglife project
    Web: Movinglife project
    INVENT presented the inCASA project and reported its current achievements to the Movinglife ( consortium, during the Movinglife project Kick-off-Meeting. Movinglife is a FP7 Support Action, that delivers roadmaps for technological research, implementation practice and policy support with the aim of accelerating the establishment, acceptance and wide use of mobile eHealth solutions that will support lifestyle changes among citizens and improve disease management globally.

    14-16 June 2011 - Rome, Italy

    Forum Europeo- Sanit 2011
    Web: SANIT
    INVENT contributed to dissemination of inCASA results by attending to SANIT 2011 event. SANIT is the biggest institutional Italian event and a meeting point for all the “Healthcare Stakeholders”. During that event INVENT took the chance to disseminate inCASA initiative, distribute the official leaflet and exchange opinions and experiences to health professionals, big enterprises, SMEs and public authorities representatives.

    28 April 2011 - UK

    TSA Standards Forum
    CHC presented the project at TSA Standards Forum

    26 – 29 April 2011, Madrid

    17th Spanish National Hospitals Conference, focused on innovation activities within the healthcare sector
    Web: 17 Congreso Nacional de Hospitales, Madrid, IFEMA 2011
    FHC presented a communication explaining FHC experience as part of inCASA project and how it can help chronic patients to improve their quality life.

    11 – 13 April 2011 – La Rioja, Calahorra, Spain

    Open meeting for Spanish healthcare professionals focused on Patients’ Risks Management
    Web: “II Jornadas de Seguridad de los Pacientes” en FHC
    FHC informed about INCASA project and its current status.

    08 April 2011 - UK

    Didcott Health Centre Clinician Forum presentation
    CHC presented the inCASA project at the Didcott Health Centre Clinician Forum

    29 March 2011 – Italy

    Eurhonet Topic Groups
    ATC brought inCASA to Eurhonet as a subject of discussion to the Topic Groups.
    The European Housing Network (EURHONET) is a network of professionals who meet in the framework of organized collective working groups, bilateral study visit or employee exchange.

    09 March 2011 - Rome, Italy

    FASTWEB training session
    INVENT presented preliminary inCASA results, during a training session to FASTWEB, a big Italian telecommunication company

    03 March 2011

    Continua Webinar
    Presentation of inCASA project during the Continua Webinar

    11 February 2011 – Entretiens Telecom Paristech, Paris

    Conference on "Domomedicine", Entretiens Telecom Paristech, Paris
    INSERM Introduced the inCASA solution to broad audiences by giving a tutorial: “Technologies applicatives d’interaction et de coordination des intervenants au domicile - Domomédecine ”

    18 January 2011 – Sweden

    Continua European workshop on personal health monitoring
    CNET participated in the Continua European workshop on personal health monitoring, presenting the middleware technologies that will be used in the inCASA pilots.

    2010 events:

    13 December 2010 – London, UK

    Royal Society of Medicine: Telehealth Conference
    Professor Russell Jones (CHC partner) presented aspects of the inCASA Platform.

    16 November 2010

    TSA Conference - workshop
    Professor Russell Jones (CHC partner) presented aspects of the inCASA Platform.

    7-10 November 2010 - Rome, Italy

    ISABEL 2010 : The 3rd International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies
    Web: ISABEL 2010 programme
    NTUA presented a scientific paper discussing a privacy-aware access control solution for the inCASA platform. The paper entitled Introducing privacy-awareness in remote healthcare monitoring is available at the IEEExplore website here.

    26 October 2010 – Nottingham, UK

    East Midlands Clinical Commissioning Group
    Professor Russell Jones (CHC partner) presented aspects of the inCASA Platform.

    23 September 2010 – Paris, France

    Conference on « Domomedicine » on behalf of the French Academy of Technology, to the Direction générale pour la recherche et l'innovation (DGRI), Ministry of Research and Education. Presentation by Doctor Francis Lévi (INSERM partner) in the context of “Domomedicine”.

    16 September 2010 – London, UK

    Royal Society of Medicine: GP Forum
    Professor Russell Jones (CHC partner) presented aspects of the inCASA Platform.

    10-12 September 2010 - Tripoli, Greece

    PCI 2010 14th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics
    The PCI is an event established by the Greek Computer Society. NTUA presented a scientific paper describing the inCASA architecture with emphasis on its network architecture. The paper is entitled An integrated Architecture for Remote Healthcare Monitoring and is available at the IEEExplore website here.

    5 May 2010 – Paris, France
    Doctor Francis Lévi (INSERM partner) presented the inCASA project within the broader context of “Domomedicine”. Domomedicine is a new concept developed within the Academy of Technology. It aims both at the delivery of the best possible care to non hospitalized patient , and the prolongation of the autonomy of senior citizens.

    22 April 2010 – Paris, France

    Conference « Les défis de la médecine ambulatoire ». Cycle d’Information du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM).

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    Santer Reply Fundación Hospital de Calahorra Agenzia Territoriale per la casa della Provincia 
          di Torino Brunel University The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens Steinbeis Innovation Center Embedded Design and 
    The inCASA project is partly funded by the European Commission under the ICT Policy Support Programme See all...
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